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January 16th, 2013

Why I can’t be friends with you.

Months after our breakup, you always ask me why we couldn’t be friends even if everything’s already clear with us. Well here’s my answer.

I still hate you.

No, don’t take this negatively.

I hate you ‘cause I still think of you every sleepless nights. I still hug my pillow wishing it is you. I still go on our favorite place. I still hear your voice everytime I will be called by a guy friend. I still play our favorite song, eat our favorite food, watch our favorite movie and do a lot of our favorite things. I hate you for not calling me “my princess” anymore. I hate you for being the coldest person now when you USED TO be the warmest person I have ever known. I hate you for not texting or calling me. I hate you for always coming into my mind everytime I hear someone calling your name thinking it was you. I hate you for making me love you like this.

No I can’t be friends with you probably because I do not want to see how happy you are with someone else. I don’t want to see your sweet pictures together. That smile who captured my heart. That smile that was once mine.

So please stop asking me why I can’t be friends with you.

Maybe just for now.

'Cause I really hate you.

I hate you ‘cause I am still in love with you.